Kowalski’s In Love and Other Stories

Kowalski’s In Love and Other Stories, from Thriller:  Volume One, compiled and edited by James Patterson

Rating:  * * * *

This short-story audio collection includes stories by 5 authors, four of whom are new to me.

The Kowalski story is my introduction to James Rollins’ Sigma Force series.  Dick Hill’s portrayal of Kowalski, a man with “the heart of a hero but lacking the brainpower to go with it” (from the cover), is laugh-out-loud funny – it perfectly matches the picture in my mind.  The Sigma Force series has been added to my wish list based on this story.  Kowalski first appeared in Rollins’ novel Ice Hunt.

This collection includes stories by James Rollins, James Grippando, Grant Blackwood, Dennis Lynds, and Christopher Rice.  The narrators are Dick Hill, Michael Page, Joyce Bean, Mel Foster, and Susie Breck.  Based on this collection, I will seek out more by these authors as well as these narrators.

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