Most Likely to Die

Most Likely to Die by Lisa Jackson, Wendy Corsi Staub, and Beverly Barton

Rating:  *

A thriller in three parts.  An upcoming class reunion prompts the re-emergence of the murderer of a popular boy in high school 20 years prior.  Rachel, Kirsten, and Lindsay race to find the killer without enlisting the aid of law enforcement or common sense.

Credibility is strained from the start, but I could overlook that if the story were engaging enough.  This one is not.

I find it difficult to sympathize with Kirsten and her husband.  However likeable Lindsay and Rachel, they are not enough to salvage the story.  By the third section the story line has been stretched so far it kind of snaps.  The identify of the killer becomes glaringly obvious rather early on in the book.

While these three authors have enjoyed success in their solo writings, this collaboration falls flat.

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