Take that, Malfoy!

Having experienced Harry Potter this weekend – first time ever – it dawned on me that the reason I sought out the Wizard of Hogwart’s this weekend was to vicariously banish my own Malfoy.

My personal Malfoy made an unwelcome appearance in my thoughts, complete with the grumpy contention that the bullies nearly always win. As Harry Potter’s tale spun out, full of figurative castles to scale, wicked step-families, and the dreadful Draco Malfoy, I was reminded that the reason fairy tales appeal to us so much is the happy certainty that someone will slay the demons and remove the impediments to bliss.  Although Harry is not able to banish Malfoy for good, he is able to thwart him in smaller, highly satisfying ways.  My mood improved each time Malfoy got some of his come-uppance.  I can do this, too…I can channel Harry Potter if I need to.

Take that, Malfoy!


One response

  1. Yes you can!

    Though Malfoy is just seriously misunderstood.


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