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Like Trees

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If you must be,
Then be like trees,
When the wind howls,
And the sky turns ferocious,
Be like bamboo,
Sway and bend but refuse to break,
Or like Oak,
And remain steadfast,
Tackle that storm head on.

If you must be,
Then be like trees,
As the seasons change,
Adapt and overcome,
Always seek out that light,
And when parts of you die,
Falling from your lofty height,
Enjoy them as they float with elegance,
Brim with acceptance,
Refuse to go out without a beautiful dance.

If you must be,
Then be like the trees,
And offer shelter to those who need it.
A home,
A safe haven,
To those that seek it.
Unfurl your branches,
Offering them to those scrambling for help,
Because no matter what form you take,
Someone, somewhere will love you for it.

Whether you’re evergreen,
Or deciduous,
Do what you must,
Be all you…

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