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Fuel for the Day

Fuel for the Day



Proverb: Love is when you take away the feeling, the passion, the romance and find out you still care for that person.

I recently came upon a stash of letters. The events relayed in those letters were so ordinary, so mundane, that at first I wondered why they had been set to paper.

I thought then about the letters I mentally pen to those I care about when they are away.  Those letters are filled with the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday – the things that connect us, the people we know, the things we would talk about during the “Hi, honey, I’m home” conversation.

Strangers are relegated to hearing about the significant or the unusual – they hear not what we want to share with them, but rather what we want them to know.

Deja vu

The second time I stood at the clothesline pinning up hankies I recalled with satisfaction the piece I had just written. Not like the first time I stood there, wearing the same clothes, feeling the same pleasant breeze, pinning up the same hankies under the same sunny sky, frowning slightly because the piece wasn’t quite right, it lacked the finesse I sought.

Is that what deja vu is, a glimpse at the things we have done correctly when they could have gone differently?

Adventurers in training

As seen in the park:

Two little kids, one with Heidi-of-the-Alps braids and the other with a hat that meant business, outfitted with tyke-sized backpacks (complete with carabiner clips), and walking sticks. They set out on an exploration of the park, leaving no stone or garter snake unexamined. Love it!

Of Course I Talk To Myself

Of Course I Talk To Myself. Sometimes I Need Expert Advice.

Ukraine or The Ukraine?

With Ukrainian events much in the news lately, it occurs to me to wonder why I always think of Ukraine as The Ukraine.  I’m not alone, apparently.  Officially the name of the country is Ukraine – no “The.”  See this informative BBC article for more info.

So now we know!

How exactly did curiosity kill the cat?


Why are book covers reversed?

Example 1:

The Innocents by Francesca Segal.  One cover shows a woman running away from the camera wearing a light-colored dress, another shows a woman running toward the camera wearing a red dress.  Why the reversed/opposite images?  See

Example 2:

All In:  The Education of General David Petraeus by Paula Broadwell.  One cover shows him facing the camera, another shows him facing away from the camera.  See

Why?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

My Year In Review

Love the studio as much as the blog! In agreement about early morning being the best time to write. Fernweh Productions

Live to Write - Write to Live

My greatest achievement this year has been consistency: I’ve walked out to my studio and written in solitude almost every day, sometimes only for a couple of hours, and sometimes from dawn until dark.

This year, I’ve put drafting Ellen ahead of everything, including sculling, one of my summer passions. But rowing requires the same early morning hours as writing, though for different reasons: The water is flat early in the morning, and there are rarely any motorboats out at that hour. Most of all, though, rowing is hot work once the sun rises.

All told, driving to the river and rowing takes a bit more than two hours. But these are the same early hours when I’m best able to tap into the fictional world I’m creating. I decided that entry into that world was more important even than sculling –for this year, at least.

All year, I protected…

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My brain tumor

Overheard:  “When I had my brain tumor…”

What strikes me is not the tumor, but the deliberate way the speaker claimed possession of it.  Why do you suppose we do that:  claim a tremendous difficulty as our own?  Is it to keep ourselves the center of discussion?  Seek advice from someone in a similar situation?  One-upsmanship?  To prove our staying power?  Try to assert control over a problem not of our making?

This theme will absolutely appear in one of my stories.

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