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Bubba the Cowboy Prince: A Fractured Texas Tale

Bubba the Cowboy Prince:  A Fractured Texas Tale by Hellen Ketteman, James Warhola (Illustrator)

Rating:  * * * * *

Like Cinderella, only funnier!  Bubba lives in Texas, a lowly servant to his wicked stepfather and two stepbrothers.  When Miz Lurleen, the prettiest rancher in the area, decides to marry and throws a shindig to meet her mate, Bubba is of course not allowed to attend.  Then his fairy god-cow shows up.

The story is funny enough on its own, but the pictures send me into peals of laughter.  Bubba is the red-headed stepchild, Miz Lurleen (with her big hair) has a butler with his nose perpetually pointed to the ceiling, and the fairy god-cow…well, let’s just say that if I could have ever dreamed up a fairy godcow (which I most certainly could not), I couldn’t possibly have dreamed she would have curls that would do Nellie Oleson proud.

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