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The Last Ferryman


The Last Ferryman by Gregory D. Randle
Copyright 2013
Langdon Street Press

Rating: * * * * *

She slipped through August’s arm like sand sifting out the bottom of a sack.

The quote above – which appears just a few pages into the story – is so delightfully apt that I knew from the start I was going to love this novel.

Buck Shyrock, ferryman on the Wabash River on the border between Illinois and Indiana, is forced to confront changes to his life and to the small town he calls home when a bridge is constructed over the river.

A good caption both invites further study of the work it introduces and indicates what can be found there. Each chapter in this book is a beautiful little quilt block, with the chapter title as the caption. The finished quilt is lovely and comforting and warm and sturdy and a work of art, all at the same time.

I look forward to the author’s next book.

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