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Man from the Sky

Man from the Sky:  a Novella by Danny Wynn

  • Publisher: Bacon Press Books
  • Publication date: 1/31/2014
  • Pages: 140

Rating:  * * *

This is a breezy little story starring wealthy, comfortably self-centered old Jaime, who passively longs for a Grand Adventure even as he languishes in discontent with his idyllic lifestyle.  Lo and behold, a Grand Adventure lands right in his path in the form of Stefan parachuting in.  Unencumbered by a sense of irony, Jaime merrily assists Stefan in making a fresh start in life.

I rather enjoy the blitheness with which Jaime and Stefan float through their days.

Thank you to Bacon Press Books and NetGalley for the copy I received in exchange for a review.

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