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The World’s Strongest Librarian


The World’s Strongest Librarian
A Memoir of Tourette’s, Faith, Strength, and the Power of Family
by Josh Hanagarne
audiobook read by Stephen R. Thorne

Rating: * * * *

Not a wasted moment drawing the listener into this audiobook!

What did he do with all the arms?  Gotta love this kid, I was thinking through helpless laughter as the author relayed his quite logical childhood reaction to the story of a warrior smiting his enemies by lopping off their arms, this kind of pragmatism has got to bode well.

By the time the author bestowed upon his symptoms a name of their own: Misty (after all, they took on a personality all their own) I was totally hooked, and I remained that way through his long journey of learning to cope with Tourette’s.

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